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September 15, 2010: Vedant Rain Guns featured on Agriculture Industry and Survey.

April 10, 2009: Vedant Rain Guns featured on Agriculture Industry and Survey.

February 1, 2005: Vedant Rain Guns featured on Agriculture Industry and Survey.

It worked amazing. I am very very happy with the product skipper and your prompt help. The radius was about 80 to 90 ft.

Single rain gun with 30mm nozzle connected to 10HP high head pump sprinkles water in misty form to 31 meter radius circle effecting 2cm rain in 65 cents (2630SqM) in 90 minutes. Despite the outside temperature at 2PM in Wayanad recorded 32°C today, Green Farm temperature maintained @ less than 25°C.

Vedant SIME Italian Rain Guns is a leader in Rain Guns systems with our promoters having more than three decades experience in Rain Guns system design and marketing. The company was founded in the year 1996 with an objective to cater to the needs of farmers by empowering them with the best in class Irrigation Technology. We are the authorized distributors for SIME Rain Guns from world renowned SIME S.R.L. Italy (ISO 9000:2008 certified).

A Single Vedant SIME RainGun can cover an area of one acre by sprinkling from one position within 2-3 hours only and with the portable installation can cover the entire farm by moving the system. Rain Guns can be used to irrigate most of the crops. To offer a complete solution to the farmer's need, we also provide special quick fit accessories for using Rain Guns on portable sprinkler pipes.

    Our Turbine Driven Rain Guns have found tremendous use in
  • Irrigation
  • Landscapes
  • Nurseries
  • Coffee Plantations
  • Sports fields, Golf Courses
  • Dust Suppression in Mines/ Industries

Currently more than 5000+ Vedant SIME Rain Guns are installed and in operation in India. Because of the robust design our customers have reported Zero Maintenance even after a long period of use.

Salient Features of Vedant Italian Rain-Guns

  • Original Italian Rain-guns from SIME (since 1950) with proven Technology
  • Various Turbo-gear and Impact Driven models of all Discharge capacity available
  • Saves water, time & labour for Irrigation
  • Droplet size & Impact adjustment facility for delicate crops
  • Half to one Acre of Sprinkling from one position
  • Angle of rotation adjustable for full and part circle operation
  • Light weight and sturdy with high workmanship
  • No maintenance cost even after long period of use
  • Uniform sprinkling
  • Highly energy efficient works using 2 to 5 kg/cm2 water pressure, thus saving on cost of power & pumping
  • Prevents salination caused due to over Irrigation thus maintaining soil productivity
  • Better Germination with less water
  • Very economical portable system with PVC underground mains & HDPE portable laterals


Mr Arun Bagri, an Agriculture Engineer, has over 35 years of experience in Irrigation. He pioneered the concept of RainGun in India by understanding the needs of the Indian Farmers and the acute problem of water wastage by using improper irrigation techniques.